Smoke Dining Chair

Don’t burn the diner — burn the dining chair! The beauty and character of burned wood is now captured in a long lasting material, creating the strange sensation of sitting on burnt furniture Maarten Baas interpreted his fascination for the element fire with a groundbreaking approach.


Capturing the burning flames into the solidity of wood. Each chair is unique due to this exceptional production process. Just like the Phoenix, the Smoke objects are reborn from their ashes, gaining new vitality and beauty in a very unusual way.



indoor / outdoorIndoor
Smoke Dining Chair is available in 2 models.
additionalEvery chair is unique
material descriptionBurnt wood finished with epoxy resin, fire retardant foam, leather upholstery.
height armrest66 cm
seat height52 cm
seating capacity1
seat width43 to 49 cm
seat depth34 to 39 cm

width60 cm
height106 cm
depth63 cm


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