Man-tengolo Beer Mug

1 ergonomic Beer Mug. Design by Marcello Mantengoli


Man-tengolo beer mug

The Man-tengolo beer mug is a handcrafted crystal product. The elegant and bizarre design, and the perfect ergonomics, come from the intuition of an important winemaker.

Man-tengolo Collection

The extravagant ergonomics of Man-tengolo was born in 2000 from the imagination of Marcello Mantengoli, a Brunello producer and friend of Arnolfo di Cambio.
Mantengoli showed up at the company with a strange ceramic jug, whose shape immediately attracted the attention of the workers.The effective ergonomic handle of the strange mug was immediately appreciated and so it was that from the ceramic prototype, made as a hobby, was finally born Man-tengolo, a unique beer mug with an informal design.


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